Ankha’s role in Animal Crossing and New Leaf


A cat villager named Ankha has an Egyptian motif and a Snooty demeanour. Except for Wild World, all of the games have had her since she was added in Animal Crossing. Fans are expecting she’ll make an appearance in the upcoming Animal Crossing game after her previous debut in New Horizons.

Ankha from Animal Crossing: New Horizons—who is she?

Ankha is referred by the Animal Crossing video game series as a “snooty cat villager.” She has appeared in all games with the exception of Animal Forest and Wild World, and she has grown to be a somewhat well-liked villager.

The name is derived from the hieroglyphic symbol for “life” known as the ankh, while Cleopatra, a famous Egyptian monarch, served as inspiration for her appearance.

Name of Ankha

Both her English and Japanese names include Egyptian undertones, just like her character design. Her Japanese name, Nairu, which means “Nile,” is derived from the Nile River. Her hieroglyphic name, Ankha, which is also her English name, is Both names fit her well and are quite cool!

How to convince Ankha in Animal Crossing New Horizons to relocate to your island

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can persuade Ankha to move to your island in one of three ways:

  • Visit other islands and convince her to move when you find her.
  • Purchase her Amiibo Card and she will instantly move to your island.
  • Wait for her to arrive at your island’s campsite and convince her to stay.

Purchasing and scanning Ankha’s Amiibo Card into the game is the only method that is guaranteed to work. Make sure you purchase the correct set of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards because her card only featured in Series 2.

However, given that cards are offered for sale in sealed packs of three at random, this might take a lot of time and money. Her Amiibo Card might be easier to find used on an online store like eBay.

The other options are to travel to other islands in the hopes of running into Ankha or to wait for her to stop by the campsite on your island. However, given that there are hundreds of villagers to rotate through, this may take months.


Being around snobby people like Ankha might be challenging because they aren’t always the friendliest or most outgoing of the villagers. She loves gossip, so don’t be surprised if she initially treats you badly; gradually, though, she’ll warm up to you. Because of her personality, she gets along well with grouchy and ordinary villagers but finds it difficult to get along with lazy and jock villagers.

Role of Ankha in New Leaf

In many ways, Ankha’s function in New Leaf is similar to that of New Horizons. Additionally, she is a villager who can be asked to stay in your community and yet has her distinctive Snooty demeanour.

Useing Ankha’s Amiibo card will ensure that she arrives on your island. Visit the Town Hall and simply scan it with your Switch. Remember that you must have the Town Hall and Campsite built in order to accomplish this. She’ll be a part of your island as soon as you’ve invited him to your tent three times.

Popularity of Ankha

One of the most well-known cat villagers in the game is Ankha’s Po. Although she is not as large as Raymond, she is still attractive up there. According to recent surveys in one Animal Crossing community, Animal Crossing Portal, she is still regarded as Tier 1. pularity

In Animal Crossing, how do you obtain Ankha?

Ankha can be obtained by trading, Amiibo cards, mystery tours, and campgrounds. Since species rolls are made first, followed by personality rolls, Mystery Tours will require a lot of luck. There are five Snooties among the 23 cats in New Horizons. In other words, you have one chance out of five to receive Ankha after rolling for the cat and Snooty.

It might be beneficial for Campsite if there isn’t yet a Snooty on your island. It still requires a great deal of luck and endurance. You can invite her by just playing a game with her if you have her Amiibo Card . which can be done by scanning it. While inviting or exchanging Ankha with others is also simpler, you might require some Nook Miles Tickets or Bells.

Gift Ideas for Ankha

Gorgeous and simple designs are Ankha’s favourites. Additionally, brown and vibrant hues are two of her favourites. Flapper Dress, Sequin Dress, and Sweet Dress are stylish recommendations if you’re thinking about giving her clothing as a gift. Make sure you give her a gift on her birthday, September 22, because that is when she will be 22.

Ankha in the DLC

Ankha asks that you turn her holiday home into an oasis from the past so that she can experience the grandeur of the classical era. Use Golden Dung Beetles and Elegant Mirrors to win her favour.

How to increase friendship with Ankha in Animal Crossing

Ankha isn’t the easiest villager to get along with because she possesses the ‘Snooty’ personality feature. She will get along well with the villagers who are Lazy and Jock, but will not get along with the people . who are Cranky and Normal. Giving Ankha gifts with a historical theme is one of the finest methods to deepen your friendship with her because she loves them. She likes anything yellow because it is her favourite colour. It’s also important to note that K.K. Bazaar is Ankha’s favourite song and that she was born on September 22.

She has experience with Animal Crossing.

Ankha is a veteran of the series and may be found in the majority of Animal Crossing games, as was already mentioned. Despite Ankha having a snobby disposition, many devoted fans of the well-known social simulation computer game grew bonded to her because of her long affiliation with the franchise. Ankha was a well-known character due to the fact that she appeared in so many Animal Crossing games, and in Animal Crossing . New Horizons, a lot of gamers were determined to have her reside on their islands.

In addition to her lengthy employment as an Animal Crossing villager, Ankha’s attractiveness to players seems to stem from her snobbish nature. Villagers of this personality-type are notoriously difficult to get along with, and during the first few interactions, they frequently come off as cold and distant to players. Ankha will also be preoccupied with discussing makeup, spreading rumours about other villagers, and frequently evaluating people based on how they dress and present themselves. Ankha will get along with nasty villagers just like any other snobbish villager, but she will find it difficult to get along with jock and lethargic villagers.


She’s a Cat

Last but not least, it appears that cats are the most popular villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, much like in the real world. Ankha and Raymond are the two most desired villagers in Animal Crossing . New Horizons, although other cat characters are also at the top of most players’ wishlists, which reflects this.

In conclusion, even though Raymond topped the list of the most well-liked villagers in Animal Crossing . New Horizons, Ankha is still a favourite among Animal Crossing veterans. Given that players are getting to know more villagers as they play more Animal Crossing. New Horizons, including individuals who are not as popular, Raymond and Ankha’s current ranking is undoubtedly temporary.

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