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A judge on Forged in Fire and a two-time winner, Ben Abbott is 48 years old. When he was 13 years old, he started creating blades after witnessing armour and weapons in England’s museums and castles. Ben then began producing tools, decorative ironwork, jewellery, and furniture when he was about 17 years old. But when his first blade he had produced was the winning khanda sword for Forged in Fire, he impressed.


Ben Abbot spent days reading or learning to become similar to self worker. He had to collect all the data he could find in the days before the Internet. He was able to access almost limitless materials, get in touch with experts, watch others at work, and go to courses after the Internet became widely accessible. Ben claimed to have taken many blacksmithing courses but never a blacksmithing course. He asserts that this has provided him a competitive advantage since it allows him to more easily create tools for use in his line of work as a blacksmith.

Ben is really smart and has an engineering degree. From 1989 to 1993, he also attended Binghamton University, where he majored in biology and received a degree. He studied engineering at Virginia University  from 1997 to 2000, where he also received a bachelor’s degree in science.

childhood and family

Ben’s precise age is unclear, however it’s thought that he is in his medium- to late-forties. Although Abbott was born in England, his family migrated to California in the United States in 1975. Rich is his only sibling. When Abbott visited his relatives in the UK on a regular basis, he was exposed to old castles and weaponry, which piqued his curiosity in what would eventually become a vocation.

Once he was 12 years old, He tried to create his own sword out of a leaf spring—a straightforward kind of spring used for automobile suspension. Ben built his own forge out of Kingsford Lamps, a hair dryer, and a galvanised steel buck since there wasn’t precisely a nearby forge he could try his hand at. Unsurprisingly, his efforts were unsuccessful, but he had discovered his passion.

Abbott also attempted to create riveted chainmail at about the same period, having done all of his studies at the neighbourhood library. A meeting with the curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York was ultimately arranged for him despite his continued battle with low means. Although he was lost himself, the curator gave him access to further study materials.

Ben Abbott’s place of origin?

Ben began to have a somewhat British accent, as viewers soon realised they were right—he didn’t really grow up in Passadena, California, where he currently resides.

He was born in England and later immigrated to the US when he was a young man.

Ben was born and raised in( England ), although he spent the most of his youth in America.

Who is the wife of Ben Abbott?

( Heather Raburn )

Ben is wed to Heather, a dancer, choreographer, and artist. His son Alden was born in October 2020, and she is his baby boy’s mother. In addition, Willow the dog is their pet.

Ben Abbott’s top ten facts

  • Known for his skill in bladesmithing, metalworker Ben Abbott became a television celebrity.
  • He participated in Forged in Fire with four other competitors. He won thanks to his great performance.
  • Despite being American and being of white race, Ben possesses a British accent.
  • When he was seventeen, he began a profession as a metal and bladesmith.
  • Ben had been married to Mandy Abbott after starting a relationship with Heather. Ben and Mandy may or may not still be dating.
  • Ben again took home $1 million in the Liquid metal in Flame sport.
  • He has more than 100,000 Fan base and is a social networking user.
  • Thanks to the dedication to her chosen vocation, Ben has amassed a net worth of $500,000.
  • Despite being a celebrity, frank has keep his family’s details confidential.
  • He seems to be engaged to director Helen Rabun based on his Instagram accounts.


Forged in Fire came before

For many years, Ben had to make do with creating pretty much anything that came his way since he wasn’t always able to devote his time to honing blades and knives. To fulfil his need to create, he crafts a variety of items, including tools, furniture, decorative ironwork, and jewellery.

Engineer, Electrical

Beginning in 2000, Ben Abbott was employed at the Institute For advanced Study (Caltech) as an electrical engineer. Ben was also a member of a team of researchers working on LIGO, a complex instrument designed to track gravitational waves and their consequences.

Following the completion of student Tom Harris’ investigation into the apparatus used in “Greek Fire,” a group of students started campaigning for the construction of a forge on the location in 2012. After the blacksmith came, Ben offered to teach metalworking because he already had two decades of expertise, and his offer was accepted. According to a LIGO report from 2018, Ben departed LIGO to work on “Forged in Fire.”

By Fire Forged

On the Documentary Series, there is an ultimate competition called “Forged in Fire.” A set of tests are administered to four applicants to gauge their aptitude for become blacksmiths. The contenders build historically inspired weaponry for the final phase, which is followed by ballistic dummy testing. The program’s seventh season, which began on June 22, 2015, is now airing.


Ben Bass made his debut on April 12, 2016, in week eight of the season two. Even though he had never made a sword before, he has often dreamt to do so. He won the episode with his replica of a Khanda blade and received $10,000 in prize money. His performance on the programme was so exceptional that he was asked to participate in the “Champion of Champions” episode that same year on August 23. He once again triumphed with his Scottish Claymore, taking home extra prizes.


Ben Abbott was requested to fill in one of the voids on the programme while the judges took time off to focus on other interests and their personal life.

In the twenty-first episode of the fourth series, he made his debut as a judge. Thereafter, he made many guest appearances.

The Ashgrove Forge

Ben now runs his own forge where he produces about everything you can think of. The Forge generally focuses on personalised orders rather than maintaining a large inventory of goods. Ben put all of the money he made from the event back into his company, expanding and developing it until he had a functional forge. He blends blacksmithing with woodworking, which enables him to produce exquisite jewellery, knife handles, and other items. Everything in their kitchen, even the pots and pans and carving knives, is to his wife’s credit. Chefs laud his blades for their effectiveness and utility in the culinary sector, where his originality also shines through.

Personal life

Despite being in a relationship right now, Ben was previously married. He still referred to Mandy as his wife in 2017 despite the fact that the duration and specifics of their marriage remain unclear. He first met the choreographer Heather Rabu in 2019, and the two quickly became close and are now reportedly dating. Ben revealed the happy news to the world on Instagram on May 8, 2020, with the sweet statement, “I’m getting weary of doing things on my lonesome, so Heather and I decided to tackle this one together! However, it won’t be prepared until October 25. We are overjoyed.


Black hair and an approachable, open face characterise Ben Abbot.

He presently has a thick but well-groomed beard and nicely combed hair. He had brown eyes, a beard with a hint of grey, and a powerful physique, perhaps as a result of the many hours he spent in the forge. Although his exact proportions are unclear, he always has a well-groomed appearance in pictures, which is undoubtedly a product of his labour at the forge.


Income and Net Worth

Ben has enjoyed a unique career that has straddled the lines of electrician and forge. His sources of income include his revenue from his inventions as well as his compensation from his programme. According to current estimates, he will have a net worth of more than $500,000 by the middle of 2020 thanks to his senior job and television roles.

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